Pakistan To Host England For 7 T20 Is In September-October

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Host England For 7 T20

Pakistan Cricket Board has announced that they will be host England for 7 T20 Is in
September-October. The series will serve as preparation for both teams ahead of the ICC World
T20 2020, with Pakistan to play their games at the Multan Cricket Stadium while England will
play at the new Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Pakistan to host England for seven T20Is in September-October
The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has announced that England will tour Pakistan for seven
T20Is in September and October 2020.

The series will be played at three venues – Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi – with the first
match set to take place on September 27.
This will be England’s first tour of Pakistan since 2005, when they played three Tests and five
The PCB is hopeful that the series will help in the revival of international cricket in Pakistan.

Host England For 7 T20

“This is a very important series for us as we continue our efforts to revive international cricket in
Pakistan,” said PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani.
“I would like to thank the ECB for agreeing to send their team for this series which will go a long
way in further enhancing the image of Pakistan as a safe and secure venue for international

Mani also expressed his hope that other teams will follow suit and start touring Pakistan again.
Pakistan has not hosted any major international cricket team since the Sri Lankan team was
attacked by terrorists in 2009.
However, the country has been slowly but surely making a comeback on the international
cricketing map

The significance of this series

This series is significant for a number of reasons. First, it will be the first time England have
played in Pakistan since 2005. This is significant because it shows that England are willing to
play in Pakistan again, despite the security concerns that have kept them away for so long.
Second, this series is also significant because it is the first time Pakistan have hosted a Test
series since 2009. This is a big deal for Pakistani cricket, as it shows that the country is once
again safe enough to host international cricket matches.

Lastly, this series is important because it could potentially decide who wins the Ashes. England
are currently leading the five-match series 2-1, so if they can win this series then they will retain
the Ashes. However, if Pakistan can win this series then they will take a 3-2 lead and win the
Ashes for the first time since 1987.
So, there are a lot riding on this series. It is sure to be an exciting one.
The venues

Host England For 7 T20

Pakistan is set to host England for a series of Test matches in September and October. The
venues for the matches have not yet been announced, but it is expected that they will be played
in Karachi and Lahore.
This will be the first time that England has played a Test series in Pakistan since 2005. The last
time Pakistan hosted England for a Test series was in 2010.
The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has said that it is confident that the venues for the matches
will be up to international standards. They are also hopeful that the series will help to improve
Pakistan’s image internationally.
What are the implications of this?

There are several implications of Pakistan hosting England for T20Is in September-October.
First, it is a sign that Pakistan is becoming a more stable and safe country. This is important for
the Pakistani people, as it means they will have more opportunities to improve their lives. It is
also good news for the international community, as it shows that Pakistan is slowly recovering
from the years of turmoil and violence that have plagued the country.

Second, hosting England will be a major boost for Pakistan economy. The influx of tourists
and spectators will generate a lot of revenue for businesses in Pakistan. This will help to create
jobs and improve the standard of living for many people in the country.
Third, hosting England will also help to improve relations between the two countries. This is
important as both countries have a lot of history and there has been tension between them in
the past. Hosting England will show that Pakistan is willing to cooperate and build bridges with
other countries.
Overall, hosting England for T20Is in September-October is a good move for Pakistan. It has
several implications that will be beneficial for the country.


Pakistan is set to host England for 7 Twenty20 matches in September-October 2021. This will
be the first time that England has played a series in Pakistan since 2010. The series will be part
of the ICC World Twenty20 2022 qualification process, with the top 10 teams qualifying
automatically for the tournament.

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