The Best Businesses to start with 50k in 2022

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The Best Businesses to start with 50k in 2022

It’s true that 50 thousand dollars wouldn’t get you very far if you were trying to start an import business today, but that doesn’t mean we should just give up. We’ve researched the most feasible businesses to start with 50k, taking into account things like overhead costs and projected growth rates.

With just 50k, you can start a business that pays for itself. It might not seem like very much at first, but with careful planning and execution, a startup business can be created with 50k.

What if you could create automated revenue for yourself? Do you feel exhausted by your futile daily existence? You can start a profitable and maintainable business with just 50k.

1- Gourmet Coffee Kiosk (Mobile Coffee Business)

The espresso industry in the United States is worth $48 billion, making it a good investment opportunity. However, opening a full bistro can be costly, reaching up to $300,000. A more affordable option is to open an espresso stand, which can be done for as little as $25,000 – $50,000. The most expensive item you’ll need to purchase is a high-quality espresso machine, which costs around $20,000.

There’s no denying that 50k could have started a small importation business at one point, but today, that same amount wouldn’t buy anything. However, we can’t give up, so we should continue looking for the best options. In any case, what is the best business to start with 50k in today’s unstable economy?

We’ve explored the most appropriate businesses to start up, including cost analysis, projected growth rate, and overall net revenue, to help you kick off your entrepreneurial journey.

With just 50k, you can start a business that pays for itself. 50 thousand might seem like a small sum to start a business with, but it is possible to create a successful and sustainable business with that amount.

2- businesses to start with 50k, PHONE ACCESSORIES VENDOR

You can start with 50K or less, but if you want to sell a phone, you probably won’t be able to do much with it. It is possible, however, to do a great deal with telephone extras. A 50k budget will get you a lot of phone cases, headphones, chargers, and USB cables.



A web design business can be started for less than 50k. With just a PC or work area and the necessary PC data, your business is ready to go.

The sites also allow you to advertise and market to members. As well as writing services, you may also offer some other passion-related services on your blog.


There are a lot of businesses that use recharge cards, and POS agents are similar to them. A large percentage of people use recharge cards to recharge their mobile phones. You can buy recharge cards in units or from wholesalers, and you can also get them from telecom companies. Some telecom companies also offer customized recharge cards with your business name on them.

5 – Oil Perfume business

The 50k business is a popular way to increase income for many people. This 50k business is also easy to start and requires no pressure. Using Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms make a purchase from a provider and share your status.

6 – Content Creation

A content creation business is an excellent business you can start with 50k in Nigeria. You can start this business with absolutely no money. There are many sites out there that need content journalists. If you have a talent for composing, you can begin making money from this business.

7 – Plantain chips business

It is made from plantains that are unripe or ready and is broiled and crunchy. To get started with this business, all you need is 50k in the capital. With this amount, you can get a slicer (which is a resource), plantains, groundnut oil, an oven, and a skillet or pot. You will also need Pleasant bundling and sealer. By providing the finished product to schools, shops, and stores, you can showcase it.

8. Candle Creation

Many Nigerians face difficulties with force supply, so they choose alternative ways to utilize power. The use of candles for lighting is a genuine model. The development of candles is really smart because candles are popular. With a capital of 50k, you can begin creating candles.

9. Make-Up Artist

There are many ways to start a successful startup, but one way to get started is by offering makeup services. This can be a bit costly to get started, but if you build up a good clientele base, you can quickly make your money back and then some. Plus, if you’re great at what you do, your clients will likely give you lots of referrals.

10 – Hair/Barbing cantina

Hair is often seen as an important aspect of many people’s lives. For this reason, starting a cantina that offers hair styling services can be a rewarding business venture. You can get started in this business by acquiring a few basic skills and investing around 50k, depending on where you live. The cost of leasing a shop also varies depending on the location. 


If you’re looking for an easy way to save money, you’re not alone! Saving money is something that more and more people are looking to do. From saving for emergencies to saving for vacations, saving money is always a good thing. We hope that this guide to saving money has helped.


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